Food & Drink Means Business (FDMB) extends reach into Scotland

Means Business Publishing have announced that their popular Food & Drink Means Business (FDMB) community concept has launched in Scotland.

FDMB is a trade only platform for the food and drink sector with the aim of bringing the whole supply chain closer together, primarily through news and information and latterly through events (FDMB Live).

Paul Caunce Food and Drink Means Business Live FDMB

Paul Caunce, Publisher of the newly launched (pictured above) explained; “We are really excited to bring our food and drink community concept to Scotland. Our first website for the North West of England has now been up and running for 18 months and the enthusiasm for what we do has really blown us away.

“One of the real issues that I see almost every day is the wonderful local news stories about food and drink businesses and so often these stories tend to stay local. That is a real shame as we strongly believe that at its very best, news and information doesn’t just inform and educate – it can inspire.

“FDMB was launched with the idea of breaking down geographical news barriers and shrinking regions and indeed countries down in size.

“We hope Scottish food and drink producers will enjoy reading about the success of other businesses, either on our website or via our fabulous weekly digital news magazine which we publish each Thursday.”

FDMB Magazine